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  • The time in Savannah, Georgia. Just in case you were wondering.
  • Green Drinks Savannah
  • Argyll & Jasper Antiques
  • See Jane
    A modern apothecary.
  • The Savannah Bee Co.
  • Architectural Tours of Savannah
    "Jonathan Stalcup, a graduate of SCAD with a Master of Architecture, draws on that and his experience as a Savannah resident to weave the richness of the city's architectural heritage into its cultural and economic history."
  • Back in the Day Bakery
    "We believe that good food is one of life's pleasures and people instinctively know when a homespun baked good hits their tongue. We pour a tablespoon of talent and a pinch of our love into everything we make."
  • Mansion on Forsyth Park
    Overlooking historic Forsyth Park, this new luxury hotel, housed in a historic Victorian Georgian Mansion, is also home to 700 Drayton Restaurant, Casimir’s cocktail lounge, Carriage Wine Cellar and 700 Kitchen Cooking School.
  • The Paris Market & Brocante
    This 5400 square foot luxury, trendsetting, boutique embodies the international jet-setting lifestyle. Antique crystal pendant chandeliers dress the windows and just beyond, salvaged European architectural treasures, luxe Parisian textiles and a charming French-inspired patisserie creates an enchanting environment that piques the curiosity of all who pass by.
  • @ Home Vintage General
    Owner Liz Demos, an art history graduate of SCAD, fills her store with an eclectic mix of goods – including pretty ribbons, antique lace, children’s toys, linens, books, kitchen tools and ceramics.
  • Madame Chrysanthemum
    The only floral design boutique in the downtown district. Owned by a SCAD graduate.
  • Shop SCAD
    ShopSCAD is a unique gallery store that exclusively features the artwork and designs of students, faculty, staff and alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design.
  • Savannah College of Art and Design

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